Hello everybody, a happy Tuesday to you. A while ago I wrote about the challenges of leaving college/generally moving between life stages and the problems encountered as part of the process. Such problems include feeling purposeless, at a loose end, and, in my case, downright batty. Suddenly all the energy you’ve been drilling into study … More Dogs

Monday Book Corner Episode 2: 40 Years with the Krays

Happy Monday errybody. It’s actually sweltering in Dublin at the moment. I’m sitting at the kitchen table in a t-shirt thinking that even the t-shirt is too hot to wear, but I can’t go backless/strapless/bikini-ed today due to less-than-attractive lobster look acquired yesterday at the Sunday Market. Things could be worse, of course. I could … More Monday Book Corner Episode 2: 40 Years with the Krays

Kiera’s Book Corner Episode 1: Man’s Search for Meaning

Good evening pals, and welcome to Kiera’s Monday Book Corner. Firstly let me apologise for the lateness of this post. If you’re here because you’ve seen me bragging about the Book Corner on Instagram, specifically the post which promised this first entry to be put up this afternoon, I’m sorry I’m late. Aside from the … More Kiera’s Book Corner Episode 1: Man’s Search for Meaning

New Ways of Being

Happy Thursday, everyone! I hope most of you are enjoying the sunshine outside today. For anyone sitting at your office desk counting down the hours to the weekend, you have my sympathy and also only about 29 more to wait until freedom. Although it is supposed to rain all weekend, so that’s a pity for … More New Ways of Being

School’s Out

Because sometimes when you have a two week college break it makes you feel inspired to get creative and hang out by the sea. Recently I’ve been getting more interested in photography (and if you saw my little ski video you’ll know I’ve even begun to dabble in film which is unexpected since until recently … More School’s Out

A Parisian Affair

Bonjour chaps! SO even though this little weekend escape happened way back in January I still thought it important to post it on the blog, partly because the pictures were too picturesque not to put anywhere and I’ve already exhausted my Instagram with Paris pictures. So voila, here you go. The trip was a birthday … More A Parisian Affair